Portable Air-driven Gas Boosters

Air-driven gas boosters are highly useful devices used in various industries all over the world. These boosters are available for pressures from 50 psi (3.4 bar) to 4500 psi (306 bar). Air-driven gas boosters are suitable for methane, hydrogen, natural gas and other common industrial gasses as well. Air-driven gas boosters are available in various sizes and weights. One of the most famous and successful air-driven gas boosters is a compact and lightweight booster (13 lb/6 kg). It is sold on a big quantity due to its portable usages. High-pressure models of gas boosters utilize exhaust air to cool the boosted gas.

An integral pressure regulator is installed into most air-driven gas booster models. Such models also come with shut-off valves and pressure gauge options. The valves are either manual or solenoid depending on the model of the booster. Since various models operate at different peak efficiencies, it is important to refer to the performance curves in order to find out about the pressures and flow rates. There are several features and benefits of gas boosters.

Gas boosters are air-driven devices that offer positive displacement operation features. They don’t consume any compressed air or electric power while balancing pressures up to five thousand psi, which is equivalent to 340 bar. These boosters can work back to back for several hours without any issues. Air-driven gas boosters also don’t generate heat. Throughout the process of pump cycle and balancing of pressure, no heat is generated, which also eliminates the need for oversized heat exchangers.

Huge oil reservoirs or heat exchangers are available in various hydraulic pump systems but may cost a lot. This makes air-driven gas booster a great tool for various industries and professionals. For the reason that these devices are almost one hundred percent efficient, they allow you to save energy wastage during your gas-boosting sessions.

All the lightweight gas-boosters allow their users to carry out portable operations. These systems usually weight less than 15 lbs. Also, portable gas boosters are easy to install. All these boosters require is an air connection along with two hydraulic lines. Portable gas-boosters are also famous among the professionals because they make job of replacement and maintenance less frequent or labor intensive.

Air-driven gas-boosters are easily available to buy. However one has to take into consideration a number of things while purchasing one of the boosters. The work needs and requirements should be kept in mind acquiring a gas booster. Yes, compact boosters are amazing but if the requirement is for a bigger booster then one shouldn’t make the mistake of investing in a smaller device. Such device can make the purchaser regret if the requirements are way beyond of power of the acquired booster. So, one should select his air-driven booster wisely.

If you are looking for gas boosters, specially the air-driven ones, make sure to evaluate your needs and requirements before picking up the booster. Figure out what size of booster you require and how much should it weigh. Don’t forget about the installation process because various boosters require different time spans and techniques for the setting up process.

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